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Free-spirited musicians “WiHi”

Free-spirited musicians “WiHi”

The talented and free-spirited music group WiHi gave an interview to Beşiktaş Media Group. WiHi said the fans in Turkey, “We are grateful to them because they love while we were in Turkey. We hope to return for them as musicians.”

Get to know the band before WiHi's interview:


Main vocal, dancer, producer

Real name: Song Min Uk

Birthday: 19.06.1995

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Height: 1.77

Lucky number: 7

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite season: Summer

Favorite food: Grilled and beef

Favorite Turkish food: Lamb chops

Favorite flower: Rose

Favorite celebrities: Michael Jackson, Usher, Edis

His favorite Turkish tradition: Serving cologne

His biggest fear: Losing health

Reason for choosing scene name: He wants the person who listens to his music to feel like in heaven. He chose this name to create like a paradise world.

He has a solo album called Like A Foreign. Installed in spotify and souncloud accounts.

He has two dogs called Bbukka and Mini.

He has tattoos on his neck marked “Main”, in his arms of "Royal" and "One who wants to wear the crown bear the crow".

He usually composes songs in the band.

He learned to dance by himself. He went to the course for the song.

He learned to practice singing and composing by himself.

He and Popsick have met since high school.

He participated in the Just Dance competition and won.

The most romantic member of the group

If he had not been Idol, he would have wanted to be a blacksmith because he loved the Middle Ages. He wanted to make weapons and spears.

My purpose in creating Wihi is to be free. We have done most of what we want to do, but we aim to do the best by rising more.

Instagram: @the_paradice_songminuk


Vocal, dancer, producer

Real name: Choi Dong Ho

Birthday: 12.03.1995

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Height: 1.86

Lucky number: 7

Favorite color: Purple

Favorite flower: Cosmos Flower

Favorite season: Spring

Favorite food: Bulgogi

Favorite Turkish food: Stuffed mussels

Favorite celebrity: Dean

His favorite Turkish tradition: Henna Night

He chose the scene name because: He was born on March 12th and chose this name because the anthem means advance.

He did his military service.

He has a sister.

He has a very emotional personality.

He participated in the Just Voice contest and won.

He fed turtles, cats and dogs in the past.

He has a dog called “Haku”.

He came to Turkey a decade ago with a school trip. He found the same sincerity when he came again.

He has been playing the piano for ten years. He learned to compose from Paradice.

He likes to taste the food of the countries he visited.

He'd want to be a footballer if he wasn't an idol.

He usually refers to his fans as bro.

Instagram: @marxh12


Rapper, maknae

Real name: Kwon Min Hyeok

Birthday: 17.10.1997

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Height: 1.70

Lucky number: 0

Favorite color: Red

Favorite flower: Cherry Blossom

Favorite season: Spring and summer

Favorite food: Sparerib

Favorite Turkish food: Baklava

Favorite Turkish celebrity: Aleyna Tilki

His biggest fear: Not being free

He learned to dance by herself, starting from his childhood. He wrote his first song in high school. He learned how to compose from the producer and learned to sing at the company.

He loves sharks.

He's always on stage with a shark microphone.

He has a Turkish flag tattoo.

He has a elder sister.

He loves going to fashion shows and museums.

He likes to buy countries' special clothes and hats.

He's very careful with his style.

He wanted to be a scientist if he wasn't an idol.

He is the most emotional member of the group.

He is inspired by his stage name, homesick, which means longing for home. It means that people who listen to him, they will long for his music.

“Thanks to you, we were able to survive those very difficult days. We are grateful for this to you.” (message to fans)

Instagram: @yougotpopsick

WiHi has two DJs, Rexter at the age of 26 and Ruta at the age of 22. They added techno music to the band's Hip hop style. Also, two DJs have a band called RXRT. The band has two dancer members, Kim Do Hyun (Do.h) and Jin Hyun Seung (Another Chrush). The director and editor of the group is Kim Jin Sung and their Korean manager is Terry Kwak.

Social media accounts: İnstagram: @rutamusic, İnstagram: @rexter_official, İnstagram: @dohstyle, İnstagram: @a.c_rush, İnstagram: @kimjs1357, İnstagram: @dietkwak_is_terry  

WiHi is a music band that rises on its own. They always see their fans like family. The group has many fans in the world and very popular in Turkey. Especially WiHi is a very special K-pop group which has a huge fan base in Turkey. WiHi means “Why High”. Fandom names are MiHi (My High).

The band was making music under the name of RoyalKD 3 years ago and was affiliated with a company. After leaving the company, they continued their way by making independent music.

The power of music exceeds the limits

WiHi's Turkey love and Turkey adventure began at this point. Turkish fans continued to support the group. In this process, the members worked hard to create their own music and compositions.

The group announced its official name from social media accounts a year ago. They performed at some events and festivals in South Korea. They uploaded their own songs to YouTube channels. The leader of the band, Paradice, respects the music of Edis, the successful name of Turkish pop music. So he made cover of the Edis's song “Paha Biçilemez Birşey Başlat”. They got nice reviews and were invited to Turkey. The group wanted to see the Turkish fans and Turkey. Meanwhile, they released their first album with 4 songs in their own efforts.

Group, despite receiving invitations from other countries for the concert, chose to first Turkey. They gave its first concert in Turkey, Istanbul Profilo Shopping Mall. Turkish managers İrem Toprak guided them. Paradice, March, Rock Daily and Popsick gave MiHi a beautiful day and an unforgettable concert.

Edis and WiHi on the same stage

WiHi's Turkish fans managed to get Edis's attention on social media. Inviting the band to the concert, Edis sang the song “Paha Biçilemez Bir Şey Başlat”  on stage with WiHi. The group also made their first music videos “Golden Time" during their Istanbul tour.

Unforgettable moments with Turkey Tour Concert

The group gave a concert in Turkey between 16-27 July 2019. The band met its fans in Istanbul, Samsun, Ankara, Adana, Antalya, Izmir, Bursa and Istanbul for the second time. They gave their fans a professional concert with hip hop, pop, techno music and dance choreographies. With the fanmeeting organized at their concerts, they got to know Turkish fans more closely.

WiHi visited Anıtkabir in Ankara concert. They also sang the “Izmir Anthem" at the Izmir concert. So once again they managed to win the hearts of the Turks…

The group also interviewed many people. The group conducted one of these interviews in Istanbul with Vodafone FreeZone Chaby Han, which exceeded 1 million views, and in İzmir with voice instructor Emre Yücelen.

They made a first

They conducted the first K-pop concert tour in Turkey. For the first time, a K-Pop group worked with a Turkish manager. They said we'd come any time you invited us. One month after returning home, band member Rock Daily announced that he had left the band to make his own music from the official Instagram page.

On September 19, 2019, WiHi's single album was released in Korea. The album consists of two songs “Golden Time” and “Air Conditioner”. A few days later, the album was released for sale abroad. The group, especially Turkish fans will always be grateful, they said.

“Always support us and take care of us”

They sent a message to fans in Turkey. Here are the descriptions of WiHi:

Who is Wihi?

WiHi is the HIP Hop and R&B team. Now there are three members in the group. The Paradice, Popsick, March 12. We usually do as a group but we can do alone because we have our own songs with three members and each songs that each members made.

How many words can you describe yourself?

WiHi, we enjoy the present day.

What are your hobbies?

We usually enjoy all of musics when we have time, we always talk about musics we love.

You have a large fan base in Turkey. You are so loved. What do you think of that?

Well, we don’t know yet how many fans already know us when we were in Turkey, we were so grateful fort hem to love us. We want to return their favor as a musician, for example we are preparing for our albüm now and it will be released this year so they can listen to it, living their life. We love them.

Do you like Turkish food?

Yes. Definitely we love it and we loved it especially Kebap. It was the best food that we’ve ever had in Turkey. It was awesome. If we can travel to Turkey with our fmaily, we wanna recommand it to them. We love Turkish food.

Want to give a concert in Turkey again?

Yeah! Absouletly we want to go back to Turkey and make a stage. It was so good memory that we performed in Turkey. They knew how to enjoy musics, jumping screaming and listening. They are the best fans bro. They are enthusiastic so we wanna say “Thank you bro”.

What would you say to your fans in Turkey?

Umm… First of all, thank you so much for loving us (We are loving you bro) and we know you are waiting for us and our music, albüm. We are working so hard fort hat and we are getting much energy from you bro so always support us and take care of us. We will do the same thing, giving you good musics. Thank you so much love ya bro.

Instagram: @wihiofficial

Original News – Interview

Buğurcan Baştuğ - Besiktas Media Group (Reporter)

Yazgı Gül Çelik - Korean - English translation, Informing about WiHi and communicating with group member


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